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Saudia Airlines and Rabigh Wings have an agreement in place whereby students chosen by Saudia Airlines may take their training at the Rabigh Wings academy, up to and including the Commercial Pilot Level.

Students who take training through the normal process are still welcome to apply to Saudia Airlines, through their cadetship Co-Pilot Program.

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Frequently Asked Question

Here at the Rabigh Wings Aviation Academy at Rabigh Airport we are often asked questions by people both interested in learning to fly and by flying students. To help answer some of the more frequently asked questions we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered here, or you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I need any previous experience or qualifications?
No, you need no previous experience before starting your flying course.
What type of courses are available?
Rabigh Wings offers a Saudi Arabian Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL), which is modeled on the American Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) requirements. The PPL allows the holder to fly single engine aircraft during the day in good weather conditions and is a minimum of 6 weeks of classroom training and 40-hours flight training. Once you hold a GACA PPL you can then undertake extra courses to fly multi-engine aircraft, fly at night and in bad weather.
Will I automatically get my licence after 40 hours flight training?
No, 40 hours is the minimum requirement as laid down by GACA for a person to hold a PPL. It can sometimes take people a few more hours to meet the standard required by your examiner: the average is 60 hours. It is not in the interest of safety for a flying school to guarantee a student a pass in a certain amount of hours. At Rabigh Wings we treat safety with paramount importance and therefore our students will only take a test when their flying is up to a suitably high standard.
Do I have to take a trial lesson (Discovery Flight) first?
No you don't have to, but we recommend you do so, to make sure that you are comfortable with the sensation of flying a light aircraft. The time you are in the aircraft can be counted towards the hours for the license.
How long will it take to get my PPL?
Once you have passed your first ground exam you will need to complete the other six exams within 18 months, then once all the exams are passed you have a further two years to finish the course and get your PPL issued. Bear in mind that people tend to suffer from lack of continuity if they try to spread the course out over a long period.
How old do I have to be?
The minimum age requirement for a holder of a PPL is 18.
Do I automatically get a licence when I have completed the course?
No, just as when you learn to drive you will take theory and practical test. There are 3 ground exams that you will need to take, each having a pass mark of 80%. Additionally, students are required to take a final flight test with a Rabigh Wings Check Instructor. When your instructor believes you are ready, you will be scheduled with GACA. GACA will give you both a written exam and a practical flying examination. If your knowledge and skills are satisfactory, ONLY THEN will you receive your Private Pilot Licence.
What are the medical requirements?
You may start the course without holding a medical but before you fly solo you must pass a Class 2 Medical Examination. This exam must be conducted by a GACA-approved doctor. We have a list of approved doctors available in your local area. The cost of an initial GACA Class 2 Medical is around 400 SR More information is available on the GACA website. Please note colour blindness does not necessarily preclude you from holding a medical.
Can I get a job as a pilot when I have my PPL?
No, the holder of a PPL is entitled to fly an airplane for his/her own private use with family/friends. In order for you to work as a pilot and receive revenue for your services you must become a commercial pilot or instructor.
How long is a licence valid for?
A PPL is valid for 5 years provided the holder maintains a current medical and flies a minimum of 12 hours every 24 months (of which 12 hours must be in the second 12 month period and one of those hours must be with an instructor) and completed 12 take off and landings.
What type of aircraft will I be learning on?
Rabigh Wings has a varied fleet to allow for maximum flexibility for its members. Training for the PPL will be done on Cessna 172s, which are excellent training aircraft with long standing safety track records.
If I learn on the C172 and wish to fly a different sort of airplane after I pass, what must I do?
You must do a check flight with one of our instructors onto each particular type you require to fly.
When I have my licence do I have to buy an airplane?
You can self-fly hire one of our aircraft for your own use when you have your licence.
Your price list quotes by the hour, what does this mean?
Our course offers an “all-inclusive” package that provides students with up to ___ hours. Should you require additional hours to complete your training, or should you wish to rent aircraft after licensing, these tariffs apply.
How do I have to pay for the course?
Pay in Cash or check
Is an airplane safe?
Yes, air travel generally is statistically far safer than road travel. In the hands of a sensible and well-trained pilot, the airplane is an excellent form of transport, which can be safely landed in the rare event of an engine failure. Many people think that if the engine fails in an airplane the situation is dire, this is not the case. During your course your instructor will demonstrate and subsequently teach you how to land the airplane safely without the engine running.
Can anybody fly an airplane?
Airplane flying is a skill that most people can achieve to a satisfactory level after sufficient practice. There will always be certain people who find controlling an airplane a little too difficult but generally 99% of people who start the course do complete it to a safe standard.
What prior knowledge of the airplane, navigation, air law etc do I need?
None as long as you are willing to learn and have a good degree of common sense we will teach you all you need to know.
Why are your fees higher than other countries advertise
Surprisingly, the cost of the aviation fuel required to fly piston-driven aircraft is twice as expensive in Saudi Arabia than most other countries. Additionally, our course package is “all-inclusive”. There will be none of the surprises often found at other schools.
Why should I learn to fly an airplane with Rabigh Wings?
We are the first flight training centre in Saudi Arabia. Saudi students have substantial cost-saving since they do not have to live “out-of-country” and incur transportation and accommodation costs. More importantly, we have a dedicated group of highly-trained instructors who give their best for their students. Rabigh Wings is not too large to ignore the individual needs of our students but experienced enough to provide a first class package to suit each person's own particular requirements.
Do I need to speak English fluently?
English is the international language of aviation. Before you can commence ground-school training, you will be tested to ensure you meet the minimum requirement to ensure success in the program. Should you require additional training, english language training is provided at our Rabigh Wings Academy for an additional charge, depending on the amount of training required.